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Use of sprinklers for cleaning

Save time, work and water when cleaning the buildings.

Thursday 19 November 2015 (3 years 2 months 1 days ago)


Use the sprinklers to wet and soften the hard faeces build-ups before the cleaning with the pressure washer.



This trick is used by José Soneira (Corminons farm, in Barcelona, Spain) to save time, work and water when cleaning the buildings.

With the arrival of the pressure cleaners, a lifelong cleaning routine was left behind that, especially in buildings partially floored with solid concrete slats, works wonders.

Appearance of the fattening building after marketing the pigs. That day we leave the garden sprinkler on for some 20 minutes and we wet the floor. We soak it for 5 minutes every day until the day we can clean.


Use of sprinklers for cleaning farms


Before, the dry faeces crusts were so hard that a pick was used, and after that liters and liters of water at a high pressure.

Now, the same person only needs 2.5 hours/building for cleaning (before 6 hours/building). After that they dry-disinfect the building.


Use of sprinklers for cleaning farms


In the nursery buildings totally floored with plastic or galvanized iron slats we use the sprinkler for 15 minutes, we apply foam detergent (the faeces are much more greasy), and 30 minutes later we clean with a pressure cleaner. We also dry-disinfect.


Less time

  • if plastic slats: 20 minutes/building (before: 45 ‘),
  • if iron slats: 30’ (before: 50’).

The water saving has not been quantified, but it must be very high.


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