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How to make a catheter holder

The goal of this trick is to make a practical, simple and cheap catheter holder.

Monday 10 August 2015 (3 years 7 months 15 days ago)


When we are inseminating a high number of sows in heat, it is important to have a practical and compact container in which the catheters are easily accesible. This trick entails making, with simple materials and on the farm, a catheter holder that is light, easy to carry around, capacious and cheap.

We will cut a piece (50 cm) of PVC pipe, so when we introduce the catheters vertically inside it, they poke out 3-4 cm. We will place a lid on the bottom and we will make two diametrically opposed holes on the top. Cut a piece of steel cable (60 cm) with a diameter of some 0.5 cm, and insert it in the holes made in the pipe. The steel cable is rigid and will remain in its position, whilst other kind of materials, such as cotton or plastic ropes will fall downwards, so each time we wish to move the container through the aisle we will have to look for the handle. The height of the pipe allows for a quick selection of the catheters, whose end sticks out just over the pipe.


  • pipe = €2.50/metre
  • pipe lid = €3.60
  • steel cable = €0.22/metre
  • 15 minutes for making it = €5

Cost of the container: €10.2

Catheter holding container

Photo 1: Catheter holding container


Heat Stress Management Strategies on Farm03-Aug-2015 3 years 7 months 22 days ago

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