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New section on swine immunology

Re-Discover immunology in 333pig

Re-Discover immunology in 333pig

Understanding immunology is key to fighting swine diseases.

Monday 27 March 2017 (1 years 5 months 23 days ago)
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Understanding immunology is key to fighting swine diseases. Nevertheless, it is still a great unknown for the majority. Of course lymphocytes, macrophages, or maternal immunity are familiar concepts to all practitioners , but ... do we have a clear picture of how it works together? In pig333 we have prepared a new section to try to clarify some concepts.

This new section will consist of 10 chapters and is sponsored by IDT. We have commissioned the content to the immunology research unit of the University of Parma, headed by Dr. Paolo Martelli, and animated infographics has been added to facilitate the understanding of what is explained in the texts.

Come in to rediscover this fascinating stranger:Immunology.

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