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Every week we propose a challenge: guess what disease or pathogen lays behind images of diseased animals or organs.

Week of 09-Aug-2012

This pericarditis observed in a 15 kg weaned piglet is due to:


Week of 28-Nov-2013

The lesions that are visible in the rib cage of this pig found at an abattoir are due to:

Week of 21-Nov-2013

What caused this endocarditis seen in a 100-kg LW pig that died suddenly?

Week of 14-Nov-2013

Which were the symptoms shown by this 3-week old piglet that had a heart hypertrophy?

Week of 07-Nov-2013

This anomaly is a:

Week of 31-Oct-2013

This pneumonia in a very thin 25-kg piglet is due to:

Week of 24-Oct-2013

Which is the nature of this lesion?