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Mypravac suis, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae control


Vulvar skin temperature changes significantly during estrus in swine as determined by digital infrared thermography

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This study demonstrated that VST of sows and gilts, measured by IRT, changes significantly during estrus. The potential to use digital infrared thermography as an adjunct tool during estrus detection in swine appears to be promising.

Creep feed: Effects of feed flavor supplementation on pre- and post-weaning performance and behavior of piglet and sow


Administration of flavor could increase creep feed intake pre-weaning and piglet average daily gain post-weaning.

Behavioral indexes of piglet welfare: Comparison of indoor and outdoor housing systems

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Investigative, social-play and conflict behaviors may be effective indexes of the welfare level of piglets, especially investigative and conflict behaviors.

Dietary sow supplementation influences growth rate of pigs post weaning


John O'Doherty
Dietary sow supplementation influences growth rate of pigs post weaning
Piglets suckling SWE-supplemented sows had an enhanced humoral immunity, greater percentage positive of E. coli phagocytising leukocytes and suppressed colonic E. coli population

Porcine rotavirus groups A, B, and C identified by polymerase chain reaction in a fecal sample collection with inconclusive results by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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The results of this study suggest that failure to identify porcine rotaviruses B and C in diarrheic fecal samples is primarily due to use of diagnostic methods of low sensitivity, and not to low prevalence of infection.

Foundations for optimizing lactation


Carles Casanovas
Foundations for optimizing lactation
The milk production of sows is one of the parameters that has evolved the most over the last several decades. Currently some sows have the capacity to exceed 12 kg/day at the peak of lactation (almost double that of 50 years ago!).

Effect of dietary regime and group structure on pig performance and the variation in weight and growth rate from weaning to 20 weeks of age


Although uniform grouping appears to aid the reduction in slaughter weight variation and improve FCR, its effect is dependent on dietary regime.
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