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Backfat UT01

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Backfat instrument is a hand instrument which can measure the backfat with ultrasonic wave.

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You can focuse and record the back-fat thickness and put in the moderate feed in good time, Scientific feeding, cost saving.

  • Accompanied by the army-green shell and the membrane keyboard design, the overall appearance looks more atmospheric and resistance to use.
  • Smaller host similar with cigarette size, pocket-carrying design.
  • Built-in battery to drive the host for 10 hours outdoor work.
  • Auto switch-off after 2 minutes non-work to save power.
  • Hook bolt rope design. Lanyard around your wrist to avoid the drop-off while using.
  • Compact and flexible overall design. Integrated host and probe design.
  • Easy-operation. One-key to measure 3 levels back-fat thickness.
  • Measuring range is 4-35mm and the error is ±1mm. You can store 99 measurement data by serial number, which won't be lost even while shutdown.




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