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Finishing Pigs and Health

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A practical guide to healthy pigs and healthy meat

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Finishing Pigs & Health is the ultimate practical guide for the production of healthy finishing pigs. How can you properly manage pig health on a finisher farm? How well organised is the biosecurity protocol on your farm? What can you do to guarantee pig health on a daily, weekly or periodical basis? How can you secure this for the long term? How can youreducethe use of medication such as antibiotics on your farm? All of these aspects are explained in a practical way, so that pig farmers can immediately put all the handy tips, ideas and concepts into practice on their own farm. Healthy pigs grow faster and more efficiently, and require less treatment, leaving more time to devote to other aspects of care. The results will be better performance, a more pleasant working environment and the guarantee of safe and healthy meat!

1) Keep diseases out               
2) How to avoid spreading diseases on farm
3) Daily work
4) Weekly work
5) Periodic work
6) Strategic work
7) Good work instructions produce better outcomes


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