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EASYFIX Astro 200

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The Astro 200 is a suspended product designed by EASYFIX to provide environmental enrichment for finishers and sows.

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Made from high-quality natural rubber, the product is pliable, durable and provides a good bite.

The EASYFIX Astro 200 is working extremely well on university research farms and commercial farms in Ireland, UK, Germany, Holland, Korea, USA.


  • Provides environmental enrichment for finishers and sows.
  • Helps prevent tail, ear and side biting.
  • Reduces aggressive behaviour.
  • Easy to install.
  • The Astro 200 remains very clean with low bacteria counts from swab tests.


  • Made from a high quality natural rubber compound.
  • Suspended "biting" legs.
  • Can occupy up to 4 pigs at a time.
  • Can be suspended from a wall or T-piece.
  • Fully REACH compliant.
  • Food grade rubber.


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