Intra Repiderma Spray (250 ml)

Intra Repiderma Spray (250 ml)

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It is a spray that helps to treat, heal, protect and disinfect.

+ Information

  • It does NOT contain antibiotics
  • 2 times more effective than antibiotics
  • It doubles skin regeneration
  • It kills bacteria and heals at the same time
  • It does not generate resistances
  • Immediate effect
  • Quick absorption
  • It is not a liquid, but a powder.
  • Long-lasting contact thanks to its fixatives
  • Protects the skin from external agents
  • Micronised minerals: 25,000 times smaller than a grain of sand
  • Chelated minerals-based (Copper / Zinc)
  • It acts on and inside the skin
  • For all kinds of animals
  • For all kinds of skin wounds and infections
  • 250-ml contain

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