Week of 19-May-2017

A dry white deposit is evident on the mucosal surface of the vulva of a sow served 25 days previously. What is it and what is its significance?



incorrect answer

The deposit is precipitated calcium carbonate or chalk which is derived from the urine. Calcium deposits in the bladder of sows are common particulaly in areas with high calcium salt content in water supplies (hard water) and periodically will be flushed out during urination and deposit on the vulval lips as a dry powder. In itself it is of no pathological significance and is not associated with pregnancy failure; if excessive buildup occurs in the bladder this can cause inflammation and act as a trigger for cystitis or even ascending pyelonephritis particularly in sows that are confined or generally inactive. Increasing water availability and encouraging more frequent urination will improve flushing and reduce such build up. In extremes water filtration/sedimentation systems may be needed.

It can be confused with a drying purulent vulval discharge arising from bacterial infection of the vagina, cervix or uterus but in such cases there is likely to be loss of pregnacy and return to service.

Flow back of semen is common post service but would not be evident beyond 48h post mating/insemination.

Week of 21-Jun-2018

Spinal chord compression was detected when inspecting this pig carcass. What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 14-Jun-2018

The unit has an increase of coughing and poor growth rates. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 07-Jun-2018

The vet in the slaughterhouse condemns a sow with this skin lesions under welfare grounds and reports the farmer. What is the cause of these lesions?

Week of 01-Jun-2018

Widespread petechiation and congestion of the lung. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 24-May-2018

A weaner pig is laying on its side unable to walk, making paddling movements, eyes rolling and with opisthotonus. What is the cause of the problem in this case?

Week of 17-May-2018

A batch of finishing pigs is presented to the slaughterhouse with skin lesions around the perineal area and lower body parts. What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 10-May-2018

A heavily pregant sow is found in the pen with blood in the vulva. What is the cause of it?

Week of 03-May-2018

A first parity sow is weaned and is lame in the hindleg. There is poor response to treatment with antibiotics and NSAIDS. Separation of the head of the femur has occurred through the growth plate at post-motem. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 27-Apr-2018

Pigs around 15 weeks old develop purple patches over the hindquarters extending to all over the body. Mortality is high. What is the cause of this lesion?