Week of 07-Aug-2017

What is the most likey cause of the lesion seen in a single 10 day old piglet on an outdoor pig unit in January?



incorrect answer

This is a case of gangrene resulting from frostbite in extreme weather conditions. The pig's other limbs were less severely affected and it was the only pig seen like this within the farrowing group of 11 litters.

Ergotism as a result of contamination of either feed or bedding with Claviceps purpurea fungi can lead to similar lesions but would be expected to be more widespread affecting other piglets and other tissues such as ears and tails. Milking in the sow would be expected to be compromised.

A single limb affected could be due to constricting bands getting wound round the leg; canabalism by litter mates is unlikely to produce a dry lesion of this nature unless extremely advanced and then recovering.

Clearly in this case immediate euthanasia on welfaregrounds is necessary.

Week of 20-Oct-2017

There is scour, ill thrift and high mortality during the first 8 weeks post-weaning. All post-mortemed pigs had the same gross lesions, as the one seen in the picture. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 13-Oct-2017

The unit has an increase of coughing and poor growth rates. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 06-Oct-2017

There is an increase of ill thrift and laboured abdominal breathing in the weaners. There were poor response to antimicrobial treatment. Mortality ranges from 6 to 15%. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 29-Sep-2017

Which disease could cause this type of lesion?

Week of 22-Sep-2017

What is the likely cause of this lesion seen in >10% of lungs in slaughter pigs each week from a breeder feeder farm?

Week of 15-Sep-2017

The ulcer shown is in the preputial diverticulum of an adult boar culled due to persistent haemorrhage in the ejaculate. What is the likely cause?

Week of 08-Sep-2017

This non-fatal scour is seen in piglets from 10 days of age. What is the most likely primary cause?

Week of 01-Sep-2017

Which infectious disease is the most likely cause of the haemorrhages visible on the serosal surfaces of this growing pig which was found dead?

Week of 25-Aug-2017

What is the cause of the liver lesion in this heavily pregnant sow found dead?