Héctor Muñoz Domínguez

Héctor Muñoz Domínguez
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Company: Granja Santenis, S.L. . Spain

Graduated in Law. Since 2013 he works as the Manager and Administrator of the farm Granja Santenis.

In 2014 he registered to study the Veterinary Medicine/Science degree, and currently, whilst in his third year, he is still working and studying simultaneously.

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Farrowing house with several sow cards in different colours

Different colours on sow cards

29-Sep-2017 (2 years 1 months 23 days ago)

Sometimes, when working on the farm, we have to get up close to the sow to check its card in order to know its productive cycle. Or, whilst carrying piglets to be fostered, we ask ourselves, will that sow be a second parity one?

Different colours on sow cards